About Us:


GRAND PHARMA (pvt) Ltd has evolved from its parent company  PHARMAKONS INTERNATIONAL, which has been involved since 2003 in the production, import and marketing of selected animal health products and diagnostic reagents in Pakistan. The current set up covers the production of a wide range of veterinary pharmaceutical and biological products against major bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases of domesticated animals and poultry.


The production unit of Grand Pharma set up near Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, is licensed to manufacture and market veterinary biological and medicines with the state-of-the-art technology. The unit is accredited by the ministry of health and ministry of livestock, in line with WHO-GMP requirements.


After successful launching of major killed avian vaccines, we have now embarked on manufacturing vaccines for small and large ruminants.


In addition to the vaccines we manufacture and market other animal health products such as antibacterials, anticoccidials, and antiparasitics for poultry, small and large ruminants.


We also have the capability to formulate any vaccine or medicine based on the susceptibility of the causal agent or mutation in their antigenicity, named as flock or herd specific product.