Grand Pharma

About Us

Grand Pharma Private Limited is the largest manufacturer of poultry vaccines in Pakistan and among of the leading veterinary pharmaceutical companies in the region. Our commitment to prevent and treat a wide range of diseases in poultry and livestock is achieved through a complete set of homologous vaccines and therapeutic medicines developed by our technical experts and global R&D network.


Though the company was found in 2009, the journey began much earlier from a humble setup of trading and marketing animal health products. Today, Grand is the pioneer in producing homologous poultry vaccines locally and we have embarked on manufacturing vaccines for small and large ruminants as well. In addition to this our portfolio includes therapeutic products to fight against the major bacterial, viral, and parasitic diseases of all farm animals.

Our Belief

Our manifesto focuses on the prevention and control of zoonotic diseases (diseases transmitted from animals to humans), as healthier animals lead to healthier humans. Our focus has been to educate and empower individuals who care for these farm animals.

Strain variability is a feature of many bacterial & viral pathogens. With the ongoing emergence of new diseases and mutations in existing pathogens, strain-specific vaccine is the solution. Through our diagnostic and R&D focus we monitor emerging diseases and mutating pathogens to produce the highest quality biologics possible.